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MacPaw celebrated its 10th anniversary by releasing a substantial update for CleanMyMac. As the name suggests, CleanMyMac is an easy to use app that helps you to keep your Mac optimized by monitoring the system and recommending required actions. By clicking the Scan button just once, you can easily get rid of gigabytes of useless data such as unused apps, built up caches, temporary memory, memory and much more.

What is Clean My Mac X?

People use their Macs for many different purposes but they don’t clean it often. As a result, redundant files keep on building up and your drive eventually runs out of space.

This can also render the configuration of your Mac insignificant over time causing performance issues. While you can always clean up your Mac manually by locating and deleting the build-up, it’s cumbersome and time consuming. CleanMyMac is a complete package that offers all the relevant tools to easily get rid of such problems in no time.

The mac OS Sierra has its own Mac cleaner that allows you to Reduce Clutter, Optimize Storage, and Empty Trash Automatically, however, it still leaves a lot of futile data behind. One of the best things about CleanMyMac is the way it is designed. The simple user interface allows you to easily select various sections of your drive where redundant data is lingering. And, you can get rid of all the junk including old files, cookies, and caches with just a single click.

What is New in the Latest Version of This Mac Solutions?

The latest entry in the CleanMyMac lineup is the CleanMyMac X (pronounced ex) which comes with a completely refreshed design. It is super easy to use and offers a lot of new tools, faster scans, deep junk removal, and much more. As MacPaw describes it, CleanMyMac X is the “super-mega-awesomized-version” in the roster.

As compared to CleanMyMac 3, the latest version can perform a lot of tasks including:

  • Malware removal,
  • Performance fine tuning,
  • Application updates,
  • Deep system junk scans, and
  • Customized tips for cleanup via Assistant.

The developers have genuinely given a fair bit of thought on improving the ease-of-use and accessibility of the app with boosted performance, animations and sounds, and clear icons. Also, MacPaw claims that the performance of CleanMyMac X is threefold. This means that the latest version is much faster than the last one.

Let’s take a detailed look on everything that’s new here:

  • Design Overhaul: The new design comes with refreshing new icons and feel. While the tools are present in the same panel on the left-hand side, the overall experience is much smoother.
  • Better Junk Scanning Algorithms: MacPaw sure takes its time to develop world class apps for Mac optimization and CleanMyMac X is no exception. The developers gathered and analyzed years of data regarding how the users utilize CleanMyMac and created smarter algorithms for scanning useless files. These algorithms perform deep scans in all possible sectors of your drive where junk might be present. This in turn makes it easier for you to get rid of all the unnecessary files quickly yet efficiently.
  • Malware Removal Tool: The new malware scan tool allows you to check for viruses, malicious files, hack tools and much more. With this new tool you can easily wipe out harmful apps, files, and bloatware from your system.
  • Quicker Scan: As mentioned earlier, CleanMyMac X has an impressive scan time which is three times faster than its previous version.
  • Update Apps with Different Tools: While apps installed from the Mac App Store can be updated directly and automatically, what about the ones which are installed separately? This new tool shows when the apps were used last time and even lists the ones that are not installed from the Mac App Store but require an update. All you have to do is click on the Update button directly from the Updater tool.
  • The All New Personal Assistant: This new feature displays suggestions for cleaning extra junk in the form of chat bubbles when you run a scan. The personal assistant is located in the upper right corner of the app and you can use it anytime in order to get useful tips.
  • Redesigned CleanMyMac Menu: There is a lot of information that you can glance at from the new Menu bar widget. It allows you to see how much RAM is being used along with the free up memory shortcut, how much hard drive space is available, how full is the trash along with the shortcut to empty it, the processor load and the apps that are using it, the network speeds along with the shortcut to test the Wi-Fi speed, and the facility to monitor the Dropbox space being consumed.

This shows that the latest update packs in some pretty amazing tools and features that can come in quite handy. Also, with a lot of performance improvements, CleanMyMac X is by far one of the most efficient optimization tools available out there.

Minor Tweaks that are useful

While the Updater does show the available updates for the installed app, you can also right click on the installed app which will display useful options such as Reveal in Finder, Update to the latest version, Add to Ignore List, and Uninstall. At times, there may be redundant copies of the same app in your system and you can’t find it unless you take a look at the Finder. With the Updater tool, you can simply open the Finder and check for redundant apps to remove them. This saves a lot of time as well as system storage.

Since macOS Mojave is the last operating system in the flagship to support 32-bit apps, there is a separate list of 32-bit apps in the Uninstaller so you can easily remove the apps that cannot be used after OS updates. There are different sections in the Uninstaller, so you can easily find out the Unused and 32-bit apps under All Applications. Also, the apps are categorized according to Stores and Vendors as well.

You can either go for Smart Scan which will automatically scan for all the junk or select from the individual clean up options such as System Junk, Photo Junk, Mail Attachments, iTunes Junk, and Trash Bins and many more. Let’s take a look at all of them.

  • System Junk

This option allows you to remove temporary files left by your apps and macOS. Apart from freeing up space, this option will allow the apps and operating system to perform even more smoothly. You simply have to grant full access to CleanMyMac X and click on Scan after selecting System Junk.

You can literally free up gigabytes of storage after running this scan. Also, once the scan is complete, you can review the remaining files and free up more storage by manually cleaning them if they are not required.

  • Photo Junk

This option is quite useful especially when you’ve backed up all your photos on iCloud. You can use this option to either manually remove the photos leaving only the relevant ones in your system or let CleanMyMac X do the dirty work for you. Along with futile photos, this option deletes temporary files, thumbnails etc.

  • Mail Attachments

When combined, these can consume a lot of space regardless of how large or small they are. While it’s not always the best practice to delete the original mail attachments, not everyone feels the same.

Again, it’s a personal choice that can save a lot of your storage space and even if you don’t want to get rid of the attachments, you can always keep a track of how much space they consuming.

  • iTunes Junk

Be it music management, media transfer or Internet radio broadcast, iTunes is used for a lot of things and eventually takes unnecessary hard drive space. Apart from being a media player, iTunes is also used to backup iPhones and iPads.

Now these backup files are huge are consume a lot of space. With the iTunes Junk option, you can easily clean up old backup files along with other useless files that blocking your system storage for no reason.

  • Trash Bins

You literally get a second chance with Trash bins if you accidentally remove a file which is actually required. However, most users don’t empty their trash thinking that the files may be required at a later point in time.

This just shifts the bloat from one place to another with actually freeing up storage space. With the help of Trash Bins option, you can empty your trash and permanently free up the space.

If you think about it, you just freed a lot of system space with just a handful of options and clicks, and there is still a lot more that you can do with CleanMyMac X. Let’s go through the rest of the tools to find out more.


Malware Removal Tool

Under the Protection section, you’ll find the Malware Removal tool, simply click on the Scan button and it’ll scan for any and all malicious files, apps, and tools that can be removed immediately. This tool is quite useful as it makes your system more secure.



Privacy tool is also present in the Protection section and it allows you to delete any sensitive information such as autofill forms, browsing history, and chat logs. This option again keeps your system safe in case it gets compromised because malicious software or hackers. All in all, this tool acts against identity theft.


At the end of the day, it’s all about speed. After all, CleanMyMac X is designed to boost the performance of your Mac and it can be easily done from the Optimization tool located in the Speed section. You can get a detailed look at all the processes that are weighing down the processor and consuming system resources.

Some of these may be crashed apps that are still consuming system resources for no reason at all. You can easily identify and kill all such processes by using this tool. Also, you can enable or disable the agents which are basically small satellite instances of other applications and even check for hung applications to kill them properly.

Also, you can check which apps are launched when you log in and disable the unnecessary ones along with the heavy apps that consume a lot of RAM and resources.


This is a more advanced tool under the Speed section which improves hard drive performance both physically as well as logically by eliminating any application errors.

Once you run this tool, you’ll get a set of tasks for optimizing the RAM, running maintenance scripts, flushing DNS caches and many more. You can run every task individually to optimize your system. Once completed, the overall performance of you Mac will improve for sure.

Cleaning Up Futile Files

Under the Files section, you can scan for old and large files that are consuming significant storage space but are no longer required. This tool also helps you to save additional storage that was simply getting wasted because of useless data. You can even use the Shredder tool to get rid of all the redundant and unnecessary documents that are just sitting in your system. Also, this tool removes any traces of confidential document so that it cannot be recovered at all. This tool again comes in handy in case your system falls under a hacker or virus attack.

CleanMyMac Customer Reviews

That being said, CleanMyMac X is a powerful and efficient app that can help you to optimize your Mac with just a few clicks. Also, it is quite easy to use and does not require any additional knowledge or insight.

It is designed in such a user-friendly way that you just have to follow the instructions and the app will take care of the rest. However, everything comes at a price and CleanMyMac X is no exception.

The full version of the app is available for $90 but it can also be brought on $40/year subscription. Also, you can rent it for $9.99/month from Set app along with a lot of other exciting apps.

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